Daniel Clarke - Diamonds  7" - Ryan Adams

Daniel Clarke - Diamonds 7"

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Daniel made this in his house.  In his house, man.  Playing everything.  When I heard this I was like, um yeah so you're putting this out on my label thank you.

Daniel is the softest dude in my band and like his music he doesn't run from anything. He is like a musical felled tree hanging on a rock right before this huge waterfall that would crush the tree to soggy piles of matchsticks.

Every note is a tear in his heart. Every sung word is as pure as he is. It's like an RnB world inside a television playing a dream inside your feverish mind.

New York City
March, 2015


Side A:

  1. Diamonds

Side B:

  1. Guided (By What We Have)
  2. Rollin' Out


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